Everybody has a scar somewhere. Scarring is the body’s natural reaction to deep damage to the skin – after an operation, a burn or an accident, for example. The body’s healing process can cause the formation of scar tissue.

The new scar tissue is often unsightly and can cause discomfort and unpleasant symptoms. ALHYDRAN improves and repairs scar tissue on both old and new scars.

Skin problems caused by scars

Nobody likes having scars. In many cases they cause discomfort and they are often unsightly. Scars can cause:

  • Itching and pain
  • Persistent redness of the skin
  • Thick pink ‘welts’ on the skin
  • A pulling sensation, as if the skin is too tight
  • Reduced mobility of the joints

What is a scar?

In places where the skin is damaged, the body sets about repairing it. If only the surface of the skin (epidermis) is damaged – by a graze, for instance – the skin usually repairs itself invisibly and without any problems. But in deeper wounds, when the underlying deeper layer of skin (dermis) is also damaged, the repair process often results in scar tissue. This newly-formed scar tissue is less elastic and lacks some of the functions of healthy skin.

What causes scars?

Deeper damage to the skin lacks the building blocks the body uses to repair the skin. The body solves this by creating scar tissue. The structure of this scar tissue is different from that of normal skin. For example, scar tissue can grow above the surface of the skin and can cause unpleasant symptoms.

Newly closed scar tissue is delicate and cannot regulate moisture in the same way as normal skin does. This disrupted balance causes a lot of water to evaporate through the skin. To counteract this excessive evaporation, the body produces more scar tissue. This process can result in visible scar formation with unpleasant symptoms.

The three types of scars

A scar is usually less elastic than healthy skin and lacks some of its functions.
A scar can be uncomfortable, it is often unsightly and can cause symptoms such as itching, pain and restricted mobility of joints. When the damaged skin is closed it can develop in three ways.


Normal scars:

These scars are not thickened and are relatively unnoticeable. Normal scars are light red or white in colour. Scar disorders, especially in the first few weeks, includes itching, redness and / or pulling the scar.


Hypertrophic scars:

A hypertrophic scar is red in colour, thickened and hard. This scar occurs when the healing of the skin get out of hand. Instead of an unnoticeable scar a thickened scar arrises. A hypertrofic scar causes  symptoms such as itching, pain and a pulling sensation.


Keloid scars:

A keloid scar is extremely thick and can grow larger.This scar is formed when the healing process goes into overdrive. Not only the scar is thickening, also the scar is growing beyond the edges of the orginal wound.  This scar usually causeses symptoms such as itching, pain, a pulling sensation and the color is (bright) red to purple.

Using ALHYDRAN for scars

ALHYDRAN helps you care for scars by speeding up the repair of newly closed skin. ALHYDRAN makes the skin more supple and reduces itching, redness and pain on the scar tissue. ALHYDRAN helps prevent scar formation and reduce existing scars.


Preventing scars

We recommend starting treatment with ALHYDRAN as soon as the wound is closed and any stitches are removed. This helps the skin remain supple and gives it the best possible chance of healing. Starting treatment with ALHYDRAN early can prevent scarring problems and unpleasant symptoms.

Existing scars

ALHYDRAN reduces unpleasant symptoms of existing scars such as itching, redness, pain and tightness. ALHYDRAN also improves the moisture balance of the skin and makes the scar less visible.

Real-life examples:

The following real-life examples are from patients with scars treated with ALHYDRAN.


These case studies show pictures of real people, some of whom have very severe skin disorders. Some people may find looking at these pictures shocking. If you are less than 12 years old and you are looking for information for a school project, ask an adult to look at them with you or contact us for suitable information.

ALHYDRAN and professionals

ALHYDRAN is used successfully for the after-care of scars in the Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. ALHYDRAN has been extensively clinically tested by professionals and at various burns centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals throughout Europe, including the burns centres in Ghent (Belgium), Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Bad Klosterlausnitz (Germany). read more…

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ALHYDRAN reduces the symptoms of scarring, increases skin elasticity and speeds up the repair of scar tissue.

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