Acne scar treatmentAcne scar treatment

Acne scar treatment: prevent or reduce

Acne is annoying enough. Even more annoying are the constant reminders they leave
behind in the form of scars. Is it possible to prevent scars left by acne, or reduce existing acne scars? It certainly is. And you can do it.

How to prevent an acne scar: do’s and don’ts

You may not know this, but acne is actually a wound. That means: leave them alone! You may be tempted to, but do not squeeze them! It may make them less visible in the short term, but in time it will only cause more problems! And by problems – we mean scars. Wounds must heal themselves. And this also applies to pimples

You can try to fight acne of course, with the variety of products available in shops and on the internet. But bear in mind that what works for others, may not work for you. Acne has many different causes, and these determine which treatment works and which does not.

Experimenting with different treatments is not necessarily harmful, but it is perhaps better to consult a skin specialist. This is certainly the case with severe acne, as a specialist may prescribe medication.

In short, ensure that nothing stands in the way of the best healing process for your pimples:

  • Minimise your exposure to direct sunlight
  • Do not squeeze your pimples
  • Never scratch off scabs from healing acne
  • Keep your acne-troubled skin as clean as possible
  • Wait until the pimple just ‘falls off your face’ on its own, during washing

And the final tip: as soon as your skin has closed after a pimple – apply ALHYDRAN. ALHYDRAN is a scar cream with clinically proven effectiveness and is recommended and used in burn centres and rehabilitation centres. This ointment will considerably reduce your risk of getting scars from pimples.

Stick to the above guidelines and use ALHYDRAN – and in most cases you will prevent pimples from leaving ugly scars.

Reducing scars left by Acne

What can you do if you already have acne scars on your face? You can still use ALHYDRAN!  Research studies have shown that the ointment also reduces existing scars, in some cases causing them to almost disappear.