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There is growing awareness of the importance of good medical after-care of the skin immediately after closure of the wound. ALHYDRAN has been developed specifically for the delicate skin that forms when the wound closes. On this page you’ll find more information on ALHYDRAN for professionals, doctors, nurses and paramedics: What ALHYDRAN is and how to use it.

ALHYDRAN medical hydrating cream

ALHYDRAN is a medical cream specially developed for:

  • After care of the skin immediately after wound closure
  • Treatment for disrupted skin barrier

Indications for ALHYDRAN:

  • After-care of burns
  • After-care following radiotherapy
  • Treatment of scars
  • After-care of skin transplants, donor sites
  • Treatment of dry skin (e.g. around chronic wounds)
  • After-care following laser treatment
  • Treatment of itching and dry to very dry skin
  • Treatment of dry to very dry skin under therapeutic stockings
  • After-care of damaged skin after peelings and keratosis treatment

These indications are examples of serious disruption of the skin barrier, as a result of which the skin will lose too much moisture, the skin dries out, complaints will occur (the skin irritates, itches, is red, etc). This vulnerable skin must be assisted in order to function and heal.

ALHYDRAN product range
  • Prevents and reduces itching and redness of the skin

  • Helps to treat and prevent scars

  • Increases the flexibility of the skin

Optimal skin hydration

ALHYDRAN cream ensures optimal hydration of the epidermis (by means of a unique combination of hydration and occlusion), and promotes healing of the skin barrier. The effectiveness of ALHYDRAN has been proven scientifically. As a result of this, the product has been widely used by specialists for more than 15 years.

The skin barrier

Regulating hydration is an important tool of the skin in protecting itself against harmful external influences. The amount of water that leaves the body via the skin is known as Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Healthy skin barrier

A healthy skin has a stable level of TEWL with the upper skin layer consisting of approximately 30% water.8 This level is necessary for optimal functioning of the skin.

Disrupted skin barrier

Skin barrier disruption increases TEWL. The body then loses an abnormal high volume of water through the skin. This will result in a decrease of the normal water percentage in the epidermis, causing the skin barrier to disfunction. This vulnerable skin is unable to heal and protect itself.

This skin needs optimal hydration of the epidermis and restoration of the barrier function to be able to recover.

Restores moisture balance within 2 hours

ALHYDRAN has a double function, both necessary for repairing a disrupted skin barrier.

Good skin barrier recovery requires the following:

  1. Optimal hydration of the epidermis
  2. Repair of the skin barrier

Use of ALHYDRAN results in long-term reinstatement of the moisture balance in the skin (see chart).

The result: he risk of scarring is decreased, existing scars and complaints such as itching are relieved, eczema triggers and peri wound complications are reduced, to promote optimal wound healing.

ALHYDRAN professionals – TEWL grafiek

1. Optimal hydration of the epidermis

The unique, proven effect of ALHYDRAN ensures powerful hydration as well as moisture retention (via occlusion). This results in long-term reinstatement of the moisture balance in the skin.

2. Skin barrier recovery

ALHYDRAN contains ingredients, such as antioxidants, which protect the skin against free radicals. These unique restorative effects, in combination with optimal hydration and occlusion, ensure that the disrupted skin barrier can recover itself.

The benefits of ALHYDRAN are supported by extensive scientific researches and studies by specialists, scientists, dermatologists, hospitals and burn centers worldwide.


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