Scientific proof

The effectiveness of ALHYDRAN has been scientifically proven. ALHYDRAN is extensively tested in several medical institutions, university hospitals, burns centres and rehabilitation centres throughout Europe. As a result of this, the product has been widely used by specialists worldwide, for more than 15 years.

Scientific studies & publications

Moisturisers in Scar Management following burn A servey report University of Adelaide (AU)

Publication in BURNS 2017

  • Meets the criteria for scar management
  • Positive effect on TEWL
  • Potentially positive effect on the scar outcome
Scar management by means of occlusion Brandwondencentrum UZ Gent (BE)

Publication in BURNS 2013

  • A well-balanced, hydrating cream
  • Occlusive and hydrating properties
  • Suitable for for treatment of the disrupted skin barrier (e.g. scars)
Application of Medical Moisture Retention Cream (ALHYDRAN), A New Option in the Treatment of Venous Eczema Universiteit Maastricht

Publication in Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Research

  • Effective, save and feasible in the treatment of venous eczema
  • Signs and symptoms diminished for all patients
  • Visibly improved skin hydration status in all patients

Clinical studies & publications

Two years of experience with a new product based on Aloe Vera Burn Centre, University Hospital Ghent (BE)

Presented at EBA 2007

  • Better aesthetic outcome
  • Itching and use of medication reduced
  • More comfort for the patient
Itching, is there a remedy? A pilot study with rehydration gel-creme in burnpatients Burn Centre Rotterdam (NL)

Presented at EBA 2007

  • Decreases itch intensity after burns
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Better nights rest for children
Application of Alhydran in the treatment of pathologic scars after cryoshape therapy Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hôpital Maternité de Metz (FR)

Dr. Ulberto Giovannini

  • Improvement of pathalogic scars
  • Less pain and itching
  • No intolerance or allergy
Scars after large surface thermal burns Burn Rehabilitation Centre, Bad Klosterlausnitz (DE)

Presented at bij EBA 2011

  • Succesful use in early maturation of scars
  • Reduces redness and skin tension
  • Can be combined with pressure therapy
ALHYDRAN®, a new option in the treatment of hypostatic eczema Maastricht University - Health and Primary Care (NL)

AALM Rondas & JMGA Schols

  • May decrease the topical use of corticosteroids.
  • Positive treatment effect
Effect of scar treatment products on unpleasant physical manifestations in patients suffering from extensive burn scarring Burn Rehabilitation Centre, Bad Klosterlausnitz (DE)

Presented at DAV 2010

  • Relieves itching
  • Decreases the sensation of tightness
  • Well tolerated scar treatment
Development of a new brochure making aftercare of burns understandible for patients Burn Centre, University Hospital Ghent (BE)

Presented at EBA 2013

  • ALHYDRAN is advised for all burn wounds
  • Better hydration than silicone gel
Psychological wellbeing - scar Wound Professional (UK)

Presented at EWMA 2014

  • Same occlusion as silicone gels
  • Also provides hydration
  • Improves the overall appearance of the scar
Use of ALHYDRAN cream in the treatment of burn scars following a chemical explosion - a case study Scar and Burns Aftercare Department, Oosterbeek (NL)

Presented at EBA 2015

  • Succesful treatment of burns
  • Excellent clinical outcome
  • Improvement in itching, elasticity and redness
The effect of a topical cream application on water distribution in healthy skin and burn scars: pilot project OSCARE (BE)

Presented at EBA 2018

  • Increases the amount of water in the skin
  • Effect within 30 minutes
  • Also effective for scars

Case Studies

In the Case Studies, professionals show how they sue the cream. The study focuses on the treatment of one patient. View the diagnosis, symptoms and personal experience of the practitioner and patient when using ALHYDRAN.

After 9 months of treatment

Surgery scar

  • Combination with silicone bandage
  • The scar is completely normal

1.5 years after combustion

After 4 months of treatment

Hot water burn

  • Less itching and redness
  • Scar flatter and skin more flexible

After 1 year of treatment

Burn from flame

  • Scar fully normalized
  • Improvement of colour and elasticity

2 days after the accident

After 14 months of treatment

2nd degree burn

  • Fast skin improvement
  • Immediate reduction of itching

After 14 days of treatment

Hot water burn

  • Fast healing
  • No pain or itching

Immediately after combustion

After 6 months of treatment

Burn from explosion

  • Fast healing and supple skin
  • Skin no longer itches

Immediately after radiotherapy

After 5 days of treatment

Radiation (aftercare)

  • The skin is less painful and red
  • Rapid skin improvement

Immediately after radiotherapy

After 2 months of treatment

Radiation (aftercare)

  • No pain from the burn
  • Reduces itching symptoms

Immediately after PlexR procedure

After 5 weeks of treatment

Soft surgery (aftercare)

  • Fast wound healing and less itching
  • Much less dark skin spots

After 10 days of treatment

Chronic wound

  • The wound is completely closed
  • Wound edges have been greatly improved

After 14 days of treatment

Actinic keratosis

  • Promotes wound healing
  • Result within a few days

After 7 days of treatment

Multiple actinic keratosis

  • Pain complaints disappear quickly
  • Cooling effect

After cryotherapy (freezing)

After 14 days of treatment

Actinic keratosis

  • Fast wound healing (no scars)
  • No skin irritation

Immediately after skin removal

After 1 year of treatment

Skin graft

  • Less redness and itching
  • Good elasticity of the donor skin

After 2 weeks of treatment

Atopic eczema

  • Eczema decreases sharply
  • No side effects (skin atrophy)

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