ALHYDRAN the cream against scarsALHYDRAN the cream against scars

ALHYDRAN the cream against scars!

ALHYDRAN the cream against scars!

You want the very best scar cream. Because you want your skin to look at its very best.  Especially if you have a visible wound or scar – for example on your face. Only one scar cream has been proven to prevent and reduce scars: ALHYDRAN.

When to use ALHYDRAN cream against scars: Scar cream from ALHYDRAN

Whenever there is a risk of scarring; for instance:

  • After an operation
  • Pimples/acne
  • Burns
  • Chicken pox
  • Piercing


Start applying the scar cream as soon as your wound is closed. It is recommended to apply ALHYDRAN 2 to 3 times a day. ALHYDRAN has a long lasting effect.

The scar cream is also effective on old scars, even if they are years old. Old scars too only need a few applications of cream a day to make them reduce and fade.

ALHYDRAN’s proven effectiveness

ALHYDRAN is a scar cream with scientifically proven effectiveness. The indisputable conclusions from clinical studies are that our scar cream:

  • Heals and softens scarred skin
  • Prevents or reduces scars
  • Reduces complaints (pain, itching, reddened skin)

These effects are due to the cream’s ingredients, of which pure aloe vera is the essential one.  ALHYDRAN also contains vitamin E.

Burn centres and hospitals across Europe use ALHYDRAN for professional scar treatment.

Is ALHYDRAN the best scar cream?

While this claim may perhaps be overstated, the effects of many other scar creams are not (yet) scientifically proven.

In conclusion, the opinions of some of our satisfied users:

“My first reactions after breast-conserving surgery and tumour removal were very joyful. However, an ugly scar remained: thick, red and lumpy. The pharmacist’s assistant at the radiation facility at the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven (Netherlands) later recommended Alhydran cream. After two months of applying it twice daily I can hardly see or feel this nasty scar. It’s really incredible!” – Marie-Louise

“Last year a friend gave me a small tube of ALHYDRAN. I used it, but did not immediately see much effect. I nevertheless later bought a larger tube – and I must say that I was very surprised. Scars that were 35 years old are almost all gone. They became soft and less thick and are now level with my skin. The change is unbelievable.” – Ms De Palm

“I used ALHYDRAN during breast-conserving treatment. After three weeks of radiotherapy, during which I applied ALHYDRAN three times a day, there has been absolute no damage to my skin. Once in a while there was a little redness, but as soon as I applied ALHYDRAN the redness disappeared right away. I am also using ALHYDRAN after the period of radiation therapy. As I have been told that skin reactions can occur up to two weeks after radiation. Results continue to be excellent! A positive side effect is that the lumpectomy scar has become almost invisible during the weeks of using ALHYDRAN.” – Female, 58 years

These customer experiences are 100% legitimate. They have been (partly) anonymised at the request of our customers.