Extremely dry facial skinExtremely dry facial skin

(Extremely) dry facial skin: symptoms, causes and tips

Many women have problems associated with (extremely) dry facial skin. Although many men may also have this complaint. As well as babies, toddlers and older children.

What causes dry skin? And, more importantly, how do you get rid of it (as quickly as possible)? This article summarises what you need to know, including tips for treating and caring for your skin.


Dry facial skin easily leads to flaking and peeling skin. While red patches are also common. And, of course, itching.


An important function of your skin is moisture regulation. This function is aided by a protective layer. However, this layer does not always perform (well) in this regard. As a result moisture evaporates from your skin, which leads to drying.

How do you lose this protection? Excessive washing and showering is one cause, as it literally washes away the oily outer layer.

Winter is also a well-known cause of dry skin, with a combination of factors resulting in the protective layer becoming thinner.

Pregnancy, allergies, alcohol, stress and sunlight can also lead to dry skin. But enough about the causes. You want to know what you can do about it.


You can care for your (extremely) dry skin in a number of ways. We have listed them below:

Shower less

Do you suspect that showering or washing too frequently could be causing your dry skin? If so, take fewer showers. In any event use soap less frequently. Soap removes your oily, protective layer.

And, do not indulge in extra cleaning or scrubbing. This only makes it worse.

Use a good face cream

If you suffer from dry facial skin the solution may appear obvious: use a moisturising cream. Unfortunately it is not that simple.

You will not benefit from the cream if your protective layer is not repaired. Without this layer, the supplementary moisture will evaporate as quickly as it is applied.

What is therefore needed is a cream that not only hydrates, but also repairs your outer skin layer. You need a cream like ours – ALHYDRAN.

How ALHYDRAN works

Aloe Vera is the most important ingredient of ALHYDRAN. It is a natural ingredient, known for its hydrating properties. But it does more than hydrate – it gives your skin a new ‘roof’.

Which is why ALHYDRAN is used in many burns centres. Burnt skin has no protective layer left. The layer has been burnt off, completely. ALHYDRAN hydrates and seals, significantly reducing scars on the skin of burn victims.

This effect is, incidentally, proven. Which is why ALHYDRAN is primarily known as a scar cream. But will it function as a face cream for your (extremely) dry skin? Yes indeed. Our cream is particularly suitable for this application.