Eyelid surgery? Use scar cream!Eyelid surgery? Use scar cream!

Eyelid surgery? Use scar cream!

Have you had eyelid correction surgery? If so, you may be thinking of using a scar cream.

And rightly so. If there is one place where you do not want scars, it is around your eyes! They are, after all, your most eye-catching feature.

There is a very real risk of scarring after eyelid correction. Even a small correction nevertheless involves surgery – and therefore the possibility of scar formation.

Your surgeon, of course, does everything possible to prevent scar formation: the incision is made in the natural fold of your eyelid, so that if a scar does form it will be difficult to see.

Do not be alarmed by visible scars, swelling and bruises immediately after the operation. This is normal. Swelling and bruises disappear after 2 weeks in approximately 70% of patients. But some have to wait for up to 6 months for full recovery.

Skin repair

Scars, however, require a longer recovery period: at least 6 months and up to a maximum of 2 years! Fortunately, the skin around your eyes has a powerful, natural ability to self-heal. Generally speaking, this is the ‘best’ part of your skin when it comes to scars healing themselves. During the first few months the red areas will turn pink. After a year your normal skin colour will have returned. After 2 years the scar will be almost invisible.

Scar of eyelid correction

Sometimes recovery can be disappointing: there is tension on the scar (it can feel stretched), or it is not healing well and it can even be inflamed. This could be caused by smoking, but sometimes the cause is genetic.

It is then vital to use a good scar cream.

Use scar cream after eyelid surgery when:

  • There is absolutely no improvement after 1 month
  • The scar has thickened or deformed
  • You are uncertain about the scar formation

You can start using a good scar cream immediately after the operation. Even if there is no scar, the cream does have a positive effect as it accelerates recovery. And as doctors confirm:

Preventing a scar is easier than removing one!