How ALHYDRAN scar cream helped BillHow ALHYDRAN scar cream helped Bill

How ALHYDRAN scar cream helped Bill

He talks frankly about his burns and scars and how ALHYDRAN scar cream has helped him.

My burns and scarsALHYDRAN scar cream

The explosion was actually started by a bit of cigar ash falling down. The ash fell right into a little bucket I had in my hands. It was full of kerosene and other things. This started an explosion which made the kerosene run over my hands and a flame reached my face. This caused my burns and scars.

At a certain point in time I was referred by the Burns Centre in Rotterdam to a skin therapist in my neighbourhood. I went to the skin therapist with the problem that I had a tight scar from the burns on my face. I asked my skin therapist: “Isn’t there a scar cream that can soften my face?”

ALHYDRAN scar cream… Wonderful!

And so I found ALHYDRAN scar cream. I collected information about ALHYDRAN scar cream, I found that this scar cream is scientifically proven and that it includes 45% pure Aloe Vera. Next I rubbed ALHYDRAN scar cream on my face and after only one or two hours I noticed my face already felt less tight. The next day my face had already softened. This was wonderful!

My face has healed and really has completely softened again. In fact, this is the case with my hands too; everything that was tight is now supple. A little therapy may have contributed to this too, but ALHYDRAN scar cream really ensured that the skin could move freely without tearing. Itching is greatly diminished with ALHYDRAN scar cream. Initially the itching was really bad, but now it is no longer a problem. I put this down completely to my using ALHYDRAN scar cream!

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