How long should I use a scar cream?How long should I use a scar cream?

How long should I use a scar cream?

Scar treatment should last until scars have been prevented or removed. The maturation period of a scar is normally a few weeks, but may be as long as 24 months. So do not stop too soon!

You can use ALHYDRAN scar cream indefinitely. And for years, if necessary.

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It is important:

  • That you start applying the cream as soon as possible (immediately after your wound has closed). This prevents scar formation – and prevention is always better than cure.
  • That you continue to apply the cream until your skin complaints are cured. For example:
    • Dry skin
    • Itching skin
    • Tight, painful skin

Check every 4 to 8 weeks whether to continue treatment with scar cream. Ask your doctor if in doubt.

General advice on scar prevention:

If you have a wound with a high chance of scar formation, doctors advise that you should always:

  •  Expose the scar to sunlight as little as possible

Exposure to the sun dries your skin very quickly, resulting in increased scar formation. UV rays on damaged skin can also result in permanent discolouration (brown spots) and skin cancer.

ALHYDRAN provides a new protection layer for your damaged skin. Sometimes, however, exposure to sunlight is unavoidable. So there is also ALHYDRAN with SPF – but with the same advice: avoid exposing damaged (scarred) skin to the sun!

  • Ensure ongoing, sufficient hydration

Your skin needs water in order to properly recover. Moisture can very easily escape/evaporate from damaged skin. To compensate, your skin withdraws moisture from the underlying skin layers, but this also evaporates rapidly. A vicious circle results, with dry, itching skin and (additional) scar formation.

Which is why you need to use a hydrating cream. But take care: most creams do hydrate, but they do not seal your skin to enable it to retain moisture. Which is precisely why ALHYDRAN is unique: our scar cream closes off the skin, thereby retaining the introduced moisture. This allows your skin to actively work on recovery, with as little scar formation as possible.

  • Apply a good scar cream, for as long as necessary

ALHYDRAN does much more than hydrate. A variety of ingredients, of which Aloe Vera is the most important, provide your skin with the right ingredients for recovery. This is not just our claim: ALHYDRAN’s effectiveness has been scientifically proven in clinical studies and cases and in our customers’ daily, real-life experience.

Furthermore, ALHYDRAN has a long-lasting effect, so you only need to apply a small quantity 3 to 4 times a day.