Itching scar? What can you do about it?Itching scar? What can you do about it?

Itching scar? What can you do about it?

An itching scar can be highly inconvenient and frustrating. Especially burn scars are often extremely itchy. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Take care! Always refrain from scratching! This permanently worsens the scar, while only giving temporary relief from itching. If the scar is on a baby or (young) child, take extra precautions against scratching – for instance by covering the scar with a plaster or putting gloves on the child.

Cooling – an immediate solution

Cooling helps reduce scar itching. Blow on the skin or go outdoors. Wear cool, loose clothing. You can also use ice (or cold packs), but never apply these directly to the skin! First cover the scar with a washcloth or tea towel and then apply the cool pack to the itchy area.

The best solution for itching scars: scar cream

Itching is only remedied when the damaged scar tissue regains the correct moisture balance. Drying out is the main cause of your discomfort. Many hydrating creams are available, but they only offer very temporary relief: the moisture introduced evaporates rapidly because the damaged skin has lost its sealing function.

ALHDYRAN scar cream both introduces moisture and seals the skin to retain that moisture. Itching is greatly reduced as a result. Moreover, the cream actively works to ensure that:

    • Your (damaged) skin stays supple.
    • Redness is reduced.
    • Your scar heals better and/or becomes less visible.

ALHYDRAN: scientifically proven benefits

ALHYDRAN has been clinically tested by two European burn centres and a rehabilitation centre:

Furthermore, both professionals and burn victims report that they have been extremely satisfied with its fast action. And they often remark on how easy the scar cream is to apply!