Tips for preventing acne scarsTips for preventing acne scars

Pimples: preventing scars

Pimples can leave behind scars. Prevention is not always possible, but you can lower the chance of getting a scar as much as possible. And if you do get a scar? Well, you can do something about that as well!

This article provides tips for preventing a scar forming after a pimple, followed by a tip for removing scars as far as possible.

Squeezing a pimple? Don’t do it!

Never squeeze. That’s right, NEVER squeeze a pimple! You not only significantly increase the chance of developing new pimples, but you can also incur blood poisoning.

And it radically increases the chance of scarring.  If you want to avoid that, leave the pimple alone. Don’t even touch it.

How to treat small pimples.

Small pimples often disappear on their own, requiring no treatment by your general practitioner.

The pimple grows, ‘ripens’ and eventually bursts open.  This allows the pus to escape and the wound heals. This can leave a scar, but it will be minimal. Moreover, you can do something about the scar (see the last part of this article).

Take care that the pus does not touch your skin: this prevents infection and new pimples.

How to treat large pimples.

If you have a large pimple that causes you a lot of discomfort (particularly if painful), it is best to consult your general practitioner. A doctor can remove pus, for example by means of a small incision or with an injection needle.

The larger the wound, the larger – of course – the chance of scarring. Read below how to make a scar left by a pimple as invisible as possible:

Treating a scar left by a pimple

Have you been left with a scar following a pimple? Then use a scar cream. It won’t remove the scar: pimples leave so-called ‘sunken’ scars. And a scar cream is not a ‘filler’, so it won’t be able to lift your skin.

What a scar cream can do:

  • Improve the colour, so that the scar is less noticeable
  • Soften your skin, so that the scar pulls less and/or is less painful
  • Ensure that you have less discomfort from itching

ALHYDRAN: an effective scar cream

The benefits of ALHYDRAN are scientifically proven. Start applying the cream 3 times per day after the wound left behind by the pimple has closed. The results are rapidly noticeable.

Don’t wait too long – and certainly not if the pimple was on your face or in other places where a scar is easily seen. ALHYDRAN can make a big difference.

Which is why hospitals and burn centres use ALHYDRAN to prevent and remove scars.