Reducing breast surgery scarsReducing breast surgery scars

Reducing breast surgery scars

breast scarDiagnosis: breast cancer. Consequence: an operation. Perhaps mastectomy. Or, with ‘luck’, breast conserving surgery.

Either way, this is one of the most demanding emotional and physical experiences you will encounter. Not least because such an operation can result in physical and mental scars.

We can offer some relief in the area of physical scarring:

  • The scar will naturally undergo some slight fading
  • You can help your skin considerably in this regard

Start applying a good scar cream immediately

The key to a less visible scar: apply a hydrating cream. Your skin needs moisture in order to heal as well as possible.

But note: applying just any so-called ‘hydrating’ cream is not sufficient. Your scarred skin is damaged, and thereby misses one of its important functions: It can no longer retain moisture. This means that moisture evaporates as quickly as it is introduced into your skin. What can you do about this?

Give your skin its protective ‘roof’ back.

Use a scar cream which not only hydrates, but also seals your skin from the outside air. One that literally gives your skin a ‘roof’. This restores your skin’s natural, moisture-retaining function.

You will notice the short-term benefits first:

  • Softened scar tissue
  • Less discomfort from ‘pulling’ sensations – and therefore less pain
  • Less discomfort from itching

And in the long term? You will see that the scarred skin heals better. The scar will not disappear completely – no cream can do that. But it will be much less visible – that much is certainly possible.

ALHYDRAN scar cream, with proven effectiveness

Our scar cream, ALHYDRAN, works as described above. It contains pure aloe vera as its main ingredient. It also contains vitamin E, which promotes skin healing.

Its benefits are scientifically proven. In this, ALHYDRAN is unique. Our customers also confirm ALHYDRAN’S effectiveness. Customers like Ms Martell:

“I started using ALHYDRAN shortly after radiation treatment (for breast cancer). The Hoorn Radiotherapy Centre gave me some samples, as I suffered much pain and itching after using Cetomacrogol – which gave me sleepless nights. Not what you want after five weeks of radiation treatment!

After using ALHYDRAN for a number of days, I again tried Cetomacrogol, just to see if ALHYDRAN really helped. The pain returned almost immediately and the itching became so bad that I nearly started hyperventilating. I removed the Cetomacrogol with cold water and immediately applied ALHYDRAN. It has such a soothing effect on my skin! No other prescribed product can compare with it. Other products only damage your skin further when used on a daily basis!

In time the skin will repair itself, also in terms of regaining its normal oil levels. But the fact that the pain and itching can be combated with this fantastic product – ALHYDRAN – is the most important thing for me at this moment.

– D. Martell, the Netherlands