Skin complaints from breast radiation treatmentSkin complaints from breast radiation treatment

Skin complaints from breast radiation treatment

Radiation treatment for breast cancer not only damages cancer cells. Your skin also suffers. Depending on the severity of the treatment, all sorts of complaints can arise. But you do not have to live with them.

ALHYDRAN skin cream helps – both during and after radiation treatment. It both reduces and prevents complaints. This article tells you how it works.

Skin complaints from breast radiation treatmentradiation treatment, breast cancer

Complaints caused by radiation treatment vary in severity, but they are all annoying. Which of these are familiar to you?

  • Dry, reddened skin. Often accompanied by pain and/or itching.
  • Increasing redness, pain and itching. Paired with blisters and/or skin lesions.
  • Proliferation of blisters and wounds. These cause your skin to release a lot of moisture.

Keep your skin hydrated

Dry skin is the basis of all these complaints. So make sure your skin remains hydrated during and after treatment.

ALHYDRAN is ideal for this. Our cream penetrates, hydrating deep within your skin, thanks to aloe vera (its key ingredient). As a result, you will be much less troubled by:

  • Dry and reddened skin
  • Itching and pain caused by dry skin
  • Over-sensitivity and a burning feeling

Your skin will ‘relax’ and recover more quickly after radiation treatment.

And rest assured, ALHYDRAN contains no zinc or other metal-containing ingredients, which may react to radiation treatment.

ALHYDRAN user experiences

“Radiation treatment had burned my skin and scars. I started using ALHYDRAN in March 2014, on the advice of the radiation clinic.

Thereafter I suffered problems with wounds and underwent seven months of intensive wound care. Here too, Alhydran was a trusted partner – during periods in which I had skin damage from plasters and from the vacuum pump tape. I am very pleased with this cream. It is easy to apply and not sticky or greasy. I still use Alhydran twice a day, to keep my scars and skin smooth and soft.

In short: I am extremely satisfied with Alhydran cream (it even helps soothe itchy insect bites).”

– Nell

“I started using ALHYDRAN after seven weeks of radiation treatment, during which my skin became very damaged and developed open wounds. The hospital prescribed a gel, which indeed healed the wounds.

My skin, however, continued to produce wound fluid.

I then ordered Alhydran from you and applied it to my skin. From that moment on the wound stopped producing fluid.

I have now used it for some months and the skin has healed, although it is slightly darker in colour as a result of the radiation treatment.” 

– Alma

“I started using ALHYDRAN shortly after radiation treatment (for breast cancer). The Hoorn Radiotherapy Centre gave me some samples. This was because I had suffered much pain and itching after using Cetomacrogol, which gave me sleepless nights. Not what you want after five weeks of radiation treatment!

After using ALHYDRAN for a number of days, I again tried Cetomacrogol, just to see if ALHYDRAN really helped. The pain returned almost immediately and the itching became so bad that I nearly started hyperventilating. I removed the Cetomacrogol with cold water and immediately applied ALHYDRAN. It has such a soothing effect on my skin! No other prescribed product can compare with it. Other products only damage your skin further when used on a daily basis!

In time the skin will repair itself and also regain its normal oil levels, but the fact that the pain and itching can be combated with this fantastic product – ALHYDRAN – is the most important thing for me at this moment.

– D. Martell, the Netherlands

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