Vitamin E for scars, does it work?Vitamin E for scars, does it work?

Vitamin E for scars, does it work? Does ALHYDRAN contains vitamin E?

Does ALHYDRAN contains vitamin E?

Does vitamin E really work on scars? Scientifically it has not been proven.

ALHYDRAN does contain Vitamin Evitamin e for scars

Why have we included vitamin E in ALHYDRAN, if its effect on scars is not established?

Vitamin E stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. If correctly processed and in the correct dosage. As such it complements the
other ingredients in ALHYDRAN – which have been shown to fade scars and to sometimes cause them to disappear completely.

Aloe Vera: scientifically proven effects for scars

Aloe Vera is the most important ingredient in our ALHYDRAN scar cream. ALHYDRAN’s effectiveness is for a large part due to Aloe Vera. Our scar cream moisturises your skin, ensures that the moisture is retained and actively works to repair damaged skin. Use it to prevent scars and to remove existing scars.

ALHYDRAN’s proven effectiveness

ALHYDRAN scar cream has been the subject of numerous clinical studies and case studies in burn centres and hospitals.

See the studies here

The reviews from ALHYDRAN users also proves that our cream really does work.

Distrust creams with vitamin E as main ingredient

Distrust creams which claim to work on scars and have vitamin E as their main ingredient.

The low dosage of vitamin E in ALHYDRAN complements the healing effects of the other components. But the effect is not a direct result of vitamin E. ALHYDRAN’s effectiveness is mainly due to the proven, healing properties of pure Aloe Vera.