What is the best scar cream?What is the best scar cream?

What is the best scar cream?

What is the best scar cream? A good question. After all, you do not want to waste your time on products that end up just not working.

But you have probably never had a 100% definite answer to this question. And there are no scar cream comparisons on the internet.

We are also not in a position to answer this question objectively. We do, of course, recommend ALHYDRAN as the best scar cream. But this opinion is, of course, not an objective one. However, the evidence that backs up our claim is indeed objective:Best scar cream

Does the above evidence mean ALHYDRAN is the best scar cream?

Perhaps not indisputably, or 100% objectively. But are there other scar creams that can support their claims (reduced itching, less pain, fewer scars) this well? Not that we know of!

Which, as far as we can see, probably makes our product the best – in any event until someone proves us wrong. One of our customers has, in any event, done some extensive, comparative research:

“I have indeed tried many other products in the past, but none of them even came close to ALHYDRAN.”

This customer was also convinced:

“ALHYDRAN is so soothing; it’s better than anything else that has been prescribed for me in the past.”