When can you start to apply a scar creamWhen can you start to apply a scar cream

When can you start to apply a scar cream?

At what point can you start to apply a scar cream? The answer: as soon as your wound has healed and the skin is closed. 

Start as soon as this has happened and you will minimise the chance of scar formation.

Why should you start scar cream application immediately?Start using scarcream

Your skin is damaged. Your body is basically capable of healing the wound. But your skin could use some help to ensure a really good result.

Scars form because your damaged skin can no longer retain moisture. This is because your skin has lost its natural, sealing layer. Yet moisture is critical for good skin recovery.

The more severe the wound, the more help your skin needs in this regard. Burns, surgical wounds and other deep wounds, in particular, will otherwise result in clearly visible scars.

A good scar cream will (a) provide hydration and (b) prevent moisture loss by providing an artificial, sealing layer. This allows your skin to again become hydrated and therefore to heal and look better.

The next question is therefore:

Which scar cream is best?

ALHYDRAN scar cream is our product. So in our opinion it is, naturally, the best.

However, our opinion is backed up by these facts:

  • ALHYDRAN is the only scar cream with scientifically proven effectiveness
  • We score 8.9 at The Feedback Company, on the basis of more than 150 customer appraisals
  • 97% of ALHYDRAN users recommend our product to others

Other, known scar creams (Biodermal and Staudt) receive far fewer online reviews. The effectiveness of these products is also not scientifically proven – and, therefore, significantly less certain.