ALHYDRAN stretch mark prevention creamALHYDRAN stretch mark prevention cream

ALHYDRAN stretch mark prevention cream

stretchmark creamStretch marks must be prevented. Removal is not, or rarely, possible. Do you run the risk of acquiring stretch marks? If so, you should apply the best stretch mark prevention cream you can find.

This will make your skin softer and more elastic. With, as a result, less chance of developing stretch marks. And the sooner you start to apply the cream the better.

How do stretch marks develop?

Stretch marks develop when your body grows so fast that your skin cannot keep up. For instance, during pregnancy. There are, however, many causes of stretch marks: growth spurts, intensive exercise, etc. Men are thus also affected.

Excessive growth tears your connective tissue. Only limited recovery is possible once this has happened. Which is why stretch mark treatment is focused on preventing the problem (getting worse).

Many factors affect whether you will suffer from stretch marks. For example:

  • Body type
  • Rate of skin expansion
  • Extent of skin expansion
  • Genetic predisposition towards stretch marks

ALHYDRAN – the best stretch mark prevention cream?

One way of preventing stretch marks is to help your skin stay soft and elastic. The softer and more elastic your skin is, the smaller your risk of stretch marks! This is where a good cream can help you.

We market ALHYDRAN scar cream. And to be perfectly honest we cannot promise, let alone prove, that it prevents stretch marks. Stretch mark prevention is also something that cannot be proved, as such, as the (non-)development of stretch marks depends on so many factors.

Nevertheless, ALHYDRAN does demonstrably keep your skin softer and more elastic. This enables our cream to prevent scar formation, particularly in the case of (burn) wounds. It also ensures that existing scars become less visible – and sometimes almost completely disappear.

Stretch marks are a type of scar. Which is why it is logical to expect that ALHYDRAN will also have a beneficial effect. In addition, our cream reduces itching and ensures that your skin will not dry out.

User feedback on ALHYDRAN stretch mark prevention cream

Yvette: “I used ALHYDRAN on my belly, to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. After 4 months of pregnancy I started applying ALHYDRAN to my belly every evening. I have always had a very narrow waist and flat stomach. The result, after 9 months of pregnancy, is that my belly grew without itching or stretch marks! I therefore strongly recommend using ALHYDRAN during pregnancy.”