There are various types of burns – from mild sunburn to severe and extensive burns. What they all have in common is that nobody likes having them and the body sets about repairing the damaged skin.

This process is usually very effective – but unfortunately not always. In all cases, the damaged skin will need extra care and treatment, and that’s where ALHYDRAN comes in.

Skin problems caused by burns

In many cases a burn causes unpleasant symptoms and discomfort and is often unsightly. Burns can cause:

  • itching and painful skin
  • persistent redness of the skin
  • unsightly scars
  • thick pink ‘welts’ on the skin
  • a pulling sensation, as if the skin is too tight
  • reduced mobility of the joints

What is a burn?

The skin can cope well with warmth: think about a hot day or a hot bath. But the skin can’t cope with extreme heat, which causes it to burn. Most burns are caused accidentally with hot tea or coffee.

A burn is not simply skin damage. A cut or scratch is painful but it heals, and a broken leg is put in a plaster cast to mend. But when the skin is burned it can sometimes be so severely damaged that it needs help to repair, even after the skin has closed again.

Depth of a burn

How the skin was burned, how hot it was and how long the skin was exposed to the heat are all factors that influence the depth of a burn. The severity of a burn is measured in degrees. The deeper the skin is burned, the more severe the burn and the higher the degree.

The three types of burns

First degree burns:

This is the most common burn, and often takes the form of sunburn. The skin is slightly red and feels sensitive and sometimes painful. The redness and pain are usually gone within 24 hours. Because the skin of a sunburn is still present the skin will restore completely.

Second degree burns:

A second degree burn is a deeper burn in which both the surface of the skin (epidermis) and the deeper skin (dermis) are damaged. The skin is red, painful and there may be blistering. Scars may remain.

Third degree burns:

Third degree burns are extremely severe. To begin with, the burned area is white (e.g. a fuel burn) or black (e.g. a firework burn). In time, the skin is brown and leathery. Because this is a very deep burns and important functions of the skin are burned, the healing of the skin is difficult. Scarring will occur.

Using ALHYDRAN for burns

ALHYDRAN helps you care for both mild, superficial and deep burns by speeding up the repair of newly-closed skin and reducing unpleasant symptoms. ALHYDRAN makes the skin more supple and reduces itching, redness and pain on the damaged skin. ALHYDRAN also helps prevent scar formation and cares for existing scars.

Burns and scars

Deeper burns cause scars. In places where the skin is damaged, the body sets about repairing it. If only the epidermis is damaged by a burn, the body will produce new skin. A deeper burn in which a large area of the dermis is damaged will lead to a scar. Scars from deep burns cause severe symptoms if not treated properly.

Real-life examples:

The following real-life examples are from patients with burns treated with ALHYDRAN.


These case studies show pictures of real people, some of whom have very severe skin disorders. Some people may find looking at these pictures shocking. If you are less than 12 years old and you are looking for information for a school project, ask an adult to look at them with you or contact us for suitable information.

ALHYDRAN and professionals

ALHYDRAN is used successfully for the after-care of burns and burn scars in the Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. ALHYDRAN has been extensively clinically tested by professionals and at various burns centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals throughout Europe, including the burns centres in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. ALHYDRAN is used both after the burned skin has closed and subsequently if unpleasant symptoms occur.
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ALHYDRAN reduces the symptoms of burns (such as itching), increases skin elasticity and speeds up the repair of the scar tissue.

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