Can I apply ALHYDRAN around my eyes?

Can I apply ALHYDRAN scar cream around my eyes?eyes with scar cream


Yes! You can apply ALHYDRAN scar cream around your eyes, but you should avoid getting it in your eyes.

If ALHYDRAN does accidentally enter your eye it may sting slightly, there are no other effects. So simply rinse your eye with water. A visit to the doctor is normally not required.


How to apply ALHYDRAN near your eyes

Apply a thin layer of the ALHYDRAN scar cream. A thick layer does not make the scar cream work any better. ALHYDRAN works by being absorbed into your skin. Only the thin layer directly in contact with your skin is absorbed, not the thick layer above that. The unabsorbed scar cream that remains will run off your skin. Which increases the risk of ALHYDRAN entering your eyes.

Follow the user instructions provided in the pack.  These apply for your skin in general and therefore also for the skin around your eyes!

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