How do you take care of a scarHow do you take care of a scar

How do you take care of a scar?

How do you take care of a scar? Use water!

More accurately, hydrate your skin. Do this in the right way and you will maximise the chance of a properly healed wound. In other words, you will ensure that your scar is as small and invisible as possible.

If you already have a scar, hydration will make it less visible.

Why hydrate your scar?

scar careYour skin needs water in order not to dry out and for recovery from wounds.

The problem with (deep) wounds is that the damaged skin can no longer retain moisture. The skin has lost its sealing ability. As a result, moisture evaporates too rapidly.

Your skin tries to repair itself. To do this, it draws moisture from your deeper skin layers. But this moisture also evaporates rapidly. As a result, the skin draws even more moisture from the deeper skin layers. Which again evaporates rapidly. And so on.

It is a vicious circle, with unpleasant consequences. Dehydration of the skin, itching, redness and a tight, ‘pulling’ feeling. All probably familiar to you. And itching causes you to scratch, as a result of which your skin becomes more damaged…

Your skin therefore needs help

Your help! When your skin is in need, it is up to you ensure that it is sufficiently hydrated, so that it can recover as completely as possible. But hydration alone is not enough…

If your skin is not sealed, any moisture you introduce will evaporate as quickly as it did before. And so your skin will continue to draw moisture from your deeper skin layers.

Your skin will, once more, develop its own, natural sealing layer. But until then you must provide that seal. And this is the feature that most scar creams or moisturisers do not have.

ALHYDRAN hydrates and seals your skin

ALHYDRAN scar cream has both of the features essential for proper scar care:

  • ALHYDRAN hydrates the deepest skin layers
  • ALHYDRAN seals scarred skin to stop moisture evaporating

The result:

  • Your skin complaints are relieved, or disappear completely
  • Your skin heals better and scars are prevented from forming, or fade away

ALHYDRAN’s effects are scientifically proven.