How to care for a caesarean scarHow to care for a caesarean scar

How to care for a caesarean scar

caesarean Many women have scar complaints after a caesarean section. These can continue for a year after the operation, or even longer. They complain of:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Swelling/thickening of the scar
  • Ugly appearance of the scar

Sound familiar?

Many women feel pain in the form of a ‘pulling’ feeling.  In some cases the pain radiates to other parts of the body, such as the hip or back. This pulling feeling arises because the scarred skin is much less flexible than normal skin.

Best care for a scar after a caesarean section

NB: Regardless of the nature of your scar complaint, be sure to consult your doctor! Although the above complaints are straightforward to explain, it is impossible for us to judge precisely why you have scar complaints, via this website. A red and painful scar, for instance, may be inflamed as a result of an infection. Our product, ALHYDRAN scar cream, is definitely not effective against such a complaint!

Fortunately, effective treatment of your scar is possible. All you need is the right scar cream – to reduce or even completely remove your complaints, and to ensure that your scar heals optimally.

Firstly, it is important to know that your wound must have closed before you start applying any type of ointment or cream whatsoever. You can, however, take care of the wound before it has closed: air the wound regularly and keep it dry. This prevents infection.
Care after the wound has closed:
It is best to start applying a good scar cream as soon as the skin has closed. If you don’t apply a cream you can end up with redness, itching, pain and swelling and a visible, unsightly scar can remain.

The reason why complaints arise is mainly because your damaged skin cannot retain enough moisture to heal properly. The drying causes discolouration, itching and that well-known, ‘pulling’ feeling mentioned by many women.

ALHYDRAN ensures that your scarred skin remains flexible. Helping you prevent the above complaints. And helping your recently closed skin to recover more rapidly. Finally: because our scar cream takes such good care of your skin, it can prevent much of the scar formation. It is even possible that your scar might soon be invisible or hardly visible.

Scar cream with proven effects

ALHYDRAN’s effectiveness has been proved in clinical studies. This is why our cream is successfully used in the aftercare of scars in various burn centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals across Europe.

ALHYDRAN user experiences

ALHYDRAN has produced excellent results for people with scar complaints after an operation:

“About one and a half years ago I had a serious car crash, after which I underwent several operations.  I also had skin transplants. A friend recommended ALHYDRAN. Now, after using it for approximately three weeks, I can see improvement in certain areas. The scars are no longer such a fiery red colour. I’ve also noticed an improvement in the colour of the areas where I had skin transplants.

It’s pleasant to use because it makes the skin flexible and draws quickly into the skin. I recently started using ALHYDRAN on my face because I also had red spots there, which had previously had laser treatment. I can also see improvement on my face. I will continue to use ALHYDRAN for a quite some time!” – Henk, from Hengelo, in the Netherlands

“I must first of all thank you for the sample.  I used Dermatix silicone scar gel for at least a year after the latest of many schisis operations. It found that it burns a bit. I have now used ALHYDRAN for at least two weeks and have noticed that it’s much better than Dermatix. The scar now feels smooth and doesn’t look so red.” – Wanda, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“In April and October 2012 I received new knee prostheses because both knees were worn out. After the operations my son gave me ALHYDRAN to put on the scars. The scars were so thick, stiff and knobbly – and it was really painful to get my knees to bend when exercising. After applying ALHYDRAN – four times a day in the beginning – this improved quickly. The physio and orthopaedist were also amazed at the results!” – Ms Baltink