Laser treatment

Laser treatment
Laser skin treatment damages the skin. ALHYDRAN cares for this damaged skin.

Skin symptoms caused by laser treatment:

Depending on the treatment and the type of laser, the skin may show the following symptoms:

  • inflamed, sensitive skin
  • burning
  • fiery redness
  • scar formation
  • skin discolouration
  • painful, swollen skin

What is a laser?

A laser is a light source that can emit a large number of light beams in a short space of time. The word “laser” is an abbreviation and stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Lasers are widely used in our daily lives. They are used to play music CDs, read barcodes in the supermarket, for land surveying or for laser shows. Lasers are also increasingly used in the healthcare and cosmetics worlds.

Laser skin treatment

The purpose of a laser is to damage specific structures in the skin by heating them for short periods, e.g. for removing superfluous hair. The type of laser and the strength of the beam determine which skin structures are damaged.

Types of laser treatment

Some examples in which a laser can be used:

      • birthmarks
      • couperosis
      • superfluous hair
      • tattoos
      • signs of ageing in the skin
      • superficial varicose veins on the legs
      • skin conditions such as sun damage

Using ALHYDRAN after laser treatment

ALHYDRAN helps repair skin damaged by laser treatment. ALHYDRAN immediately soothes the skin, reducing itching, redness and pain in the damaged skin. In addition, ALHYDRAN helps prevent symptoms such as scar formation. ALHYDRAN is absorbed by the skin immediately and doesn’t feel greasy to the touch.

How does ALHYDRAN help lasered skin

  • Soothes immediately
  • Protects the skin and prevents skin reactions
  • Reduces itching and redness
  • Reduces sensitivity and burning in the skin
  • Speeds up repair of damaged skin

ALHYDRAN and professionals

ALHYDRAN has been used successfully for the after-care of skin damaged by laser treatment in the Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere in Europe for many years. ALHYDRAN has been extensively clinically tested by professionals and at various burns centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals throughout Europe, including burns centres in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. read more…

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ALHYDRAN reduces unpleasant symptoms (such as itching), increases skin elasticity and speeds up the repair of scar tissue.

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