Protect yourself against UV raysProtect yourself against UV rays

Protect yourself against UV rays

Also on cloudy days!

UV rays, protect your scar

The sun’s UV rays are always harmful. Even when it is cloudy – and in autumn and winter. Do you have skin problems? Is your skin damaged? Then you need to be extra careful.

Even on a cloudy day, 40% of the sun’s UV rays reaches the earth’s surface. This means we must always be aware of the sun.

Always wearing sun lotion is perhaps a bit much for most people. But if you have skin complaints  with medical symptoms you are advised to avoid the sun and/or to apply a product that protects against UV rays, even when it is cloudy.

Skin complaints with medical symptoms

What skin complaints are we talking about? Examples are:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Actinic ceratosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Couperose
  • Scars

NB: This list is not exhaustive. Is your skin problem not listed? Ask your doctor’s advice.

Damaged skin is extra vulnerable

Damaged skin is extra vulnerable to sunlight. Also in cloudy weather! UV rays can penetrate damaged skin more easily and cause further damage. This raises your risk of dry skin, permanent discolouration, scarring and skin cancer.

Always use a product that protects your damaged skin against UV rays

Preferably use a product that not only protects, but also heals your skin. Which is why we developed ALHYDRAN with SPF factor 30.

ALHYDRAN is a medical (scar) cream that gives your damaged skin a new, protective layer. Moisture is retained and harmful external influences are kept at bay.

ALHYDRAN with sun protection factor is now available

Does this mean carefree hours in the sun for your protected skin? No. You are still strongly advised to avoid the sun as much as possible. But when exposure is unavoidable, ALHYDRAN helps ward off UV rays and protects your skin.