Best treatment for scar painBest treatment for scar pain

Scar pain: best treatment for scar pain

scar pain, red scar

Scars are often painful, especially after an operation. Many people also experience a ‘pulling’ and sometimes painful feeling from scars in warm or cold conditions.

The causes of scar pain

  1. Operations – for example scars from an abdominal operation, hysterectomy, hip operation or caesarean section.
  2. Swelling and increased circulation, in the case of troublesome red and thickened scars.
  3. Exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.
  4. Tight clothing that rubs up against and irritates or damages the scar.
  5. Excessive exercise (for example in anaerobic power sports).

Other causes of scar pain, not mentioned here, are also possible. The above are the most well known causes.

Scar pain: treatment

Available treatment options for the above causes of scar pain are listed below, by cause. If in doubt always consult a doctor!

  1. Scar pain treatment following an operation is always done in consultation with a doctor. You may, for instance, be referred to a pain clinic or an anaesthetist specialised in pain management.
  2. Pain from troublesome scars disappears when the scar is in a stable state. Continued pain indicates a problem. A nerve in your skin could be caught in the scar. In this case an operation is necessary. Consult a doctor if the pain is persistent!
  3. Avoid extreme temperatures – limit your exposure to the sun, do not use a sunbed or go to the sauna and take appropriate measures when it is cold.
  4. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  5. Take sufficient rest when scar pain accompanies exercise.

Supplementary treatment of scar pain

Besides medical treatment, you can also take additional measures to reduce the pain caused by (troublesome) scars:

  • Massage your scar daily.
  • Apply pressure to the scar. Special, compression garments are also available. These are frequently used on burn wounds. Your family doctor can provide more information on this.
  • Use a scar cream, like ALHYDRAN:

ALHYDRAN introduces moisture into the damaged skin – and seals it. As a result the moisture cannot immediately evaporate (many other hydrating creams do allow such evaporation to take place). The ‘pulling’ feeling disappears and your scar ‘relaxes’ as a result of your skin becoming more supple. And your scar pain is reduced or disappears.

The benefits of ALHYDRAN are scientifically proven.