Skin rashes with itching and red patchesSkin rashes with itching and red patches

Skin rashes with itching and red patches? This helps:

This helps:
skin rashes

Rashes with itching and red patches are common. What are the causes and how do you get rid of the rash – or at least the distressing itching and red patches? This article explains it all.

How rashes are caused

The term ‘rash’ describes many complaints. The most important causes are:

  • Allergies, for example for medicines, food, a particular product (or substance) and insect stings
  • Infections, for example those caused by bacteria, viruses or moulds
  • Abnormal blood clotting conditions, such as purpura or petechiae
  • Autoimmune diseases like psoriasis or lupus erythematosus

If you do not know the cause of your or your child’s rash, have it diagnosed by your (family) doctor.

What can you do about it?

Infections can usually be combated, especially moulds. Some infections, like measles and impetigo, disappear on their own.

Skin rashes caused by abnormal blood clotting conditions also disappear when you address the underlying cause.

Autoimmune diseases are also curable in many cases.

An allergy is often much more difficult to combat. It is possible to experience a lifetime of suffering from the chronic rash that often accompanies an allergy.

So obtain specialist treatment! Itching and red patches can quickly become painful, for example from scratching or because the skin becomes very dry and thin.

No more itching or red patches, thanks to ALHYDRAN

Whether you can cure the cause of your rash or not, ALHYDRAN will reduce rashes, itching and red patches in the short term. You will notice a change just a few hours after the first application.

ALHYDRAN restores your skin’s moisture balance. Your skin loses this natural function when it is distressed. Our cream restores this skin function. How? Through long-term hydration and by ensuring that moisture is retained.

Proven effects

The effects of ALHYDRAN are scientifically proven. Which is why specialists in hospitals and burn centres throughout the world use our product, also to prevent itching and red patches.

Customer experiences

‘My skin has suffered from many years of heavy medication against immunological disorders and a high degree of exposure to sun in my youth. The result is many scaly patches and dry, flaking and itching skin all over my body. ALHYDRAN helps me tremendously. ALHYDRAN is extremely easy to apply, my skin absorbs it very quickly and it combats itching and flaking, while softening scaly patches. Also on my face!’– satisfied user, Arnhem, the Netherlands

‘Our 4 year old daughter was burned by hot water. After one and a half years she still had many complaints. Thanks to ALHYDRAN she now suffers less from itching and reddened skin. The scar has also improved visibly!’ – anonymous user

‘I got ALHYDRAN, at the time, for my very dry and painful legs. It also reduces itching very well. ALHYDRAN is very easy to apply and is one of the few products that can be used under support stockings!’ – Ms Geijn, Oosterbeek, the Netherlands