What effect does UV radiation have on damaged skin?What effect does UV radiation have on damaged skin?

What effect does UV radiation have on damaged skin?

The European Guidelines for wound care says that it is extremely important to protect your damaged skin against the sun. And not without reason:

Exposure of UV radiation on damaged skin is like grabbing a hot pan without oven mitt: there is nothing in between you and the effects from the harmful radiation. They penetrate directly deeply into your lower skin layers. Which has the following consequences:

  • Your skin dries out
  • Your skin loses elasticity
  • Your skin feels more itchy
  • Your skin recovers less beautiful
  • You have more change of a noticeable scar
  • The changes of skin cancer increases.

In the same European Guidelines, it says that:

1) you should avoid the sun as much as possible and

2) protect your closed wounds with a cream with high sun protector in it.  Also when it is a cloudy day, because on a cloudy day 40% of the harmful UV radiation reaches the earths surface.

That’s why we introduced ALHYDRAN scar cream with SPF 30.

ALHYDRAN is a medical scar cream for he aftercare of a wound. Doctors, nurses, hospitals and Burn Centres use ALHYDRAN for the damaged skin, to hydrate the skin and prevent scars.

The ALHYDRAN SPF 30 is now available. You can treat your scar with a scar cream which includes SPF.