Which cream after radiation treatmentWhich cream after radiation treatment

Which cream – after radiation treatment?

Radiation treatment sometimes results in acute skin conditions. Particularly if you have had chemotherapy in addition to radiation treatment. Many people use a cream during and after the radiation treatment period. The right cream will relieve your skin complaints.

But which cream should you choose? What should you look for? This article provides all the information you need – so you do not make the wrong choice.

Three types of skin reactions to radiation treatment

Radiation treatment produces three kinds of skin reaction:

  • Redness
  • Dryness and flaking
  • Superficial, moist wounds

Is your skin red, dry and flaking? If so, you should use a scar cream. It will not prevent these complaints, but it will relieve them.

Do NOT apply to open wounds. Open wounds should be bandaged.

First consult your doctor!

Whatever you plan to do – do nothing without first consulting your doctor. Some, for instance, forbid the use of creams both during and after the radiation treatment period.

And always inform your doctor as to which cream you plan to use. As some creams must be avoided during radiation treatment periods (see also below).

What should you look for when selecting a cream?radiation cream

It is best to use a cream that:

  • Contains no metal – metals can etch into your skin during radiation treatment.
  • Is unscented – the cream should be as neutral as possible.

On application, be aware of:

  • Skin markings for radiotherapy – those can become blurred.
  • Allergic reactions – stop immediately if you have an adverse reaction!

Our ALHYDRAN cream

Our ALHYDRAN cream satisfies all the above requirements.

It is best known as a scar cream, but ALHYDRAN treats every skin condition – relieving, protecting and healing. It quickly reduces redness, dryness and flaking. These complaints often disappear entirely.

ALHYDRAN is often used by burn centres and hospitals to treat burn wounds. The complaints mentioned above are often much worse with burns than in the case of radiation treatment. While the positive experiences of both burns and radiation treatment patients who have used our cream are undeniable.