Actinic keratosis aftercare using a creamActinic keratosis aftercare using a cream

Actinic keratosis aftercare using a cream

Actinic keratosis is the precursor of skin cancer. Detection indicates an immediate visit to the general practitioner, who will recommend treatment. Most treatments are trying for the skin, especially in case of nitrogen treatment, PDT, curettage (removal by scraping) and chemical peeling. Some actinic keratosis must be surgically removed.

Actinic KeratoseComplaints arising from actinic keratosis treatment

The aim of the treatment is, of course, to cure the condition. And ensure that there is no risk of getting skin cancer.

The treatment can, however, damage the skin. Inadequate care of the skin after treatment means risking skin complaints such as:

  • Dryness
  • Itching and irritation
  • Redness

A good cream can relieve or avoid these complaints.

Aftercare following treatment for actinic keratosis: ALHYDRAN cream

ALHYDRAN provides everything you need for proper aftercare of the skin. Three applications per day are sufficient.

ALHYDRAN ensures that the damaged skin:

  • Is sufficiently hydrated
  • Retains introduced moisture
  • Regains and retains its flexibility

Hydration is the key to avoiding complaints. Normal skin can retain moisture. Damaged skin no longer does this well. ALHYDRAN returns the skin’s capacity in this regard, thereby restoring the natural healing function.

The effects? Skin complaints such as dryness and itching disappear rapidly. Dozens of satisfied user experiences confirm this.