Best cream for dry skinBest cream for dry skin

Dry skin? Best cream for dry skin

Dry skin is irritating. It itches, flakes and often has a red appearance. It’s an annoying complaint, certainly when you have had it for some time and it shows no signs of getting better.

However, it is possible to cure. The first step is understanding how dry skin is caused.

Causes of dry skin

1. Soap and cleaning agents

  • Washing too frequently with soap
  • Too much contact with cleaning products
  • Too much contact with chemicals

The above situations all result in your skin being ‘degreased’, while your skin actually relies on its natural oils to retain moisture. With insufficient oil, moisture evaporates and your skin dries out.

Do you often wash with soap or frequently come into contact with the products and substances mentioned above? Then the chance is high that this is causing your dry skin!

2. Central heating, freezing cold and wind
In winter, central heating results in a dry atmosphere indoors, while freezing cold and icy wind also have a drying effect. As a result, your skin gets insufficient moisture.

3. Wounds
Damaged skin often loses its capacity to maintain the correct moisture level following a wound (burn, operation wound, chronic wound, etc.). This can continue after the skin has closed, as your skin has not yet restored the barrier that normally retains moisture.

Preventing dry skin

Once you have identified the cause of your dry skin, you can immediately take action: wear gloves when using detergents, use less soap when washing yourself, don’t overheat your home in winter, avoid contact with cleaning agents, etc.

But it’s not always this simple, certainly not with (serious) wounds …

Hydrating creams don’t work?

You have probably already tried using a hydrating (moisturising) cream on your dry skin. Unfortunately this does not work in situations 1 and 3 above. Here’s why:

If you skin contains too little oil – or doesn’t have a barrier – moisture added to the skin will again evaporate, soon after being applied.  So yes, you can use such a cream, but as long as your skin can’t retain the moisture, the problem will remain!

ALHYDRAN hydrates and retains moisture

ALHYDRAN is a highly effective, hydrating cream which not only introduces moisture, but also restores your skin’s protective barrier. It allows your skin to rapidly restore its moisture balance. And both the dry skin and related complaints are quickly reduced or disappear entirely.

The benefits of ALHYDRAN are scientifically proven! For this reason the cream is used in hospitals and burn centres worldwide.

Other advantages of ALHYDRAN:

  • Long-term effect (3 to 4 hours)
  • Easy to apply and spread, so you only need a little
  • Helps prevent scars (and fades existing scars)