Remove acne scars: practical tips for home treatmentRemove acne scars: practical tips for home treatment

Remove acne scars: practical tips for home treatment

Acne scars can be very effectively treated at home. Both removal and prevention of scars are highly possible. This article provides tips you can use immediately.

Removing acne scarsRemove acne scars

Do you have acne scars, and want to remove them? Use a good scar cream. Even scars that are years old will fade with regular application.

Our scar cream, ALHYDRAN, is scientifically proven to be effective.


Do you have sunken acne scars (‘hollows’ in your skin)?

A scar that has sunk into your skin is an ‘atrophic’ scar. In such a case, ALHYDRAN will not raise your skin back to the normal surface level. Our product works best with scars that lie ‘on’ the skin.

However, ALHYDRAN will ensure that your atrophic scar ‘relaxes’ – becoming smoother, less red and more elastic.

Is your acne scar completely white? You should then contact a specialist – a skin therapist or a dermatologist.

Acne scars: prevention is better than cure

Of course, it is always better to prevent scarring. If you (still) suffer from acne see the 3 crucial tips below, to ensure that you get as few scars as possible (and hopefully none):

  1. Make sure your skin stays clean. Dirt in acne lesions can become infected and cause scarring. Clean your skin with water and a good cleanser. No soap! It dries out your skin.
  2. Do not squeeze acne pimples! This releases sebum. It gets into your skin and causes severe infection. So you eventually run a greater chance of getting more and bigger scars!
  3. Do not scratch pimples open. Unfortunately this is sometimes done unconsciously, but try nevertheless to avoid this as much as possible. The open wounds thus created can become infected and leave unsightly scars.

Problems, in spite of the above tips? Make sure you immediately apply a good scar cream to the closed wounds. This will still prevent scars. Or will at least reduce scar formation to a minimum.

Home treatment using home-grown remedies?

The internet has many tips on the use of home remedies against scars. Do they really work? Our advice is: be careful. They might help, but this is not proven. If you must choose, choose a product that is specifically developed to prevent and remove scars. And one that is scientifically proven to work.